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ICCR Scholarship Scheme for Dance & Music

  ICCR administers ICCR Scholarship Scheme for Dance & Music for propagating Indian classical forms of Dance and Music amongst foreign nationals by providing them a chance to learn these ancient art forms in India under the Guru-Shishya Parampara.

2. ICCR has provision for 100 scholarships under this scheme on an annual basis. This particular scheme is open for students across the world without any requirement of age or specific qualifications. It depends entirely on the Guru to whom the student applies who makes the selection. The scheme serves students from all backgrounds ranging from fresher to practicing artists in the respective arts forms.

3. Given the high level of interest in Indian classical music & dances in Singapore, I am writing to you to give wide publicity to this scheme. Since this scheme is under Guru-Shishya Parampara there is no fixed time by when students need to apply.

4. Like other ICCR scholarship schemes the candidates can apply for this scheme through ICCR’s Admission-to-Alumni portal (http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in/) and send a copy of the same to the High Commission of India, Singapore. A list of empanelled institutes offering dance/music courses under guru-shishya paramapara is also available at the same portal.