General Instructions for Booking Online Appointment with Mission

Attention: All applicants for Passport, Visa, OCI, PCC and Consular Services

  1. Please book appointment according to the service. For example, if you are seeking Consular Services, please book appointment for the Consular services only. If you book any other appointment (say, Visa/Passport) to seek Consular services, service will not be rendered and you will need to book a fresh appointment.
  2. Please note that only one application will be allowed as per the appointment.
  3. A person can apply for appointment along with immediate family members, but only upto a maximum of 4 persons (including main applicant).
  4. For visitors seeking Consular Services, please enter Local Sponsor’s NRIC/FIN in the relevant column for appointment.
  5. For issuance of a fresh passport to a new born baby, please enter mother/ father’s passport number in the relevant column for appointment.
  6. It is the applicant’s responsibility to fill-up the forms correctly and bring originals and copies of all requisite documents before approaching the counter.
  7. Timing for submission of documents for Passport, PCC, Visa, OCI and Consular services at HCI office: 0930 to 1215 hrs. from Monday to Friday (except public holidays as indicated in our calendar).
  8. Appointments can be booked only 30 days in advance.
  9. The timing for collection is from 1615 hrs. to 1715 hrs. on working days only. For collection, prior appointment is not needed. Please bring the receipt given at the time of submission of application. Collection procedure/place given in the receipt.
  10. For normal services, applicants will be served at BLS counter 1A in the HCI. The fees would include their service fee and if any, courier charges (optional) etc. Only Emergency services are accepted at the HCI counters where Tatkal fees is applicable.
  11. For any other extreme emergency request, please e-mail us at [email protected]