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Celebration of International Day of Yoga(IDY-2022) by High Commission of India, Singapore on 21st June, 2022 at Marina Barrage.

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Invitation for International Day of Yoga  practice Session at Marina Barrage

Dear Sir/Madam,

    High Commission of India, Singapore cordially invites all partnering yoga organisations, Yoga Clubs, Yoga Centres and Schools in Singapore to join and  participate in the flagship physical yoga session  to mark the 8th International Day of Yoga being organised on Tuesday,  21st  June 2022 between 0930-1030 hrs at the iconic site  ‘Marina Barrage(Green Roof A).  

    Details of the event are as given below:

    0900  -Assembly by invited participants in the lawns

             - Welcome  by Emcee

    0930  - Remarks by High Commissioner

    0935  - Start of the Yoga Session (coverage through  live streaming)

    1030  - Launch of Yoga Sutras Music Album by High Commissioner

    1040  - Vote of thanks  by Emcee

     2. We are happy to inform you that this flagship session in Singapore  is being  conducted as part of a series of  global sessions woven into one programme called ‘Guardian Ring of Yoga”, being   held  across  75 Cities globally, starting from East to West  with live coverage and continuous transmission through Doordarashan on 21stJune 2022.

    3. Keeping in view the prevailing Covid guidelines in Singapore, all the participants are advised to comply with the following:

     -  To wear  a mask when not practising Yoga

     -  To carry their own Yoga mats

     -   Only fully vaccinated individuals  to take part in the Event