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Affidavit by Indian Nationals for Child's Passport

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Documents required: Please download the Affidavit form and submit the same duly filled-up in duplicate along with following documents and photocopies thereof. Please note that the applicant has to come in person to the High Commission to execute the Affidavit.


  • Original Passport and Identity card (EP/WP/NRIC) of the applicant
  • Copy of Birth certificate of the child
  • In case of renewal of passport, furnish a copy of the child's current passport


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The requirement for attestation of this affidavit by the High Commission has since been dispensed with and applicants may, after confirming with the passport office concerned, send a duly filled and self signed affidavit after taking a print-out of its format from the website – to be submitted alongwith passport application of the child in India.