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Nooran Sisters LIVE in Singapore – Organised by Charkula Arts Academy on 21 July 2017

Event Name:  Nooran Sisters LIVE in Singapore

Date & Time : 21 July 2017 from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Venue: RELC Auditorium, RELC International Hotel, 30 Orange Groove Road, Singapore


Charkula is proud to present Sufi Queens NOORAN SISTERS LIVE in Singapore. First time coming to Singapore. Limited seating. Book your tickets at

The Nooran Sisters – Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran – are a Sufi singing duo from Sham Chaurasia gharana of classical music. They are Sufi singers from Jalandhar.

The sister duo has been trained for 10 years by their father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, who is the son of Bibi Nooran, a renowned Sufi singer of 70's era. Music was the integral part of their childhood because of their grandmother, Bibi Nooran. As per Gulshan Mir, their father, the family fell on very hard times after Bibi Nooran died.It was very difficult to arrange food as well.To survive, he used to give music lessons. Although it took away him from Mir's music, but it helped his family to pass the bad times. When Sultana was seven and Jyoti was five, he discovered immense talent of singing in his daughters. "They were playing, and in jest, singing a Bulleh Shah kalam they had heard from their grandmother, Bibi Nooran." As per Mir, they didn't miss any beat and sung professionally with tabla and harmonium. Mr Iqbal Mahal, a music promoter from Canada has discovered the sister duo in the year 2010. He plays a big role in their current success.

Contact: Alka Sharma, Email:, +65 9002 1963
Tickets : $48/68/108/158/188