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OCI Miscellaneous Service - Re-issue of OCI Cards



Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Registration Certificate has got to be re-issued (physical booklet) only once when a new passport is issued after completion of 20 years of age. OCI Miscellaneous services have been made available on the Ministry's website and can be availed by applying online and thereafter submitting hard copy of the application along with the requisite fee, photograph and enclosures at any of our Authorized Service Centers. Submission at the Authorized Service Centers is via appointment only. Appointments may be booked online at –

2. Applications may be registered online for re-issuance of OCI Cards (physical booklet) in the event of the following contingencies:-

  1. Issuance of new passport after completing 20 years of age;
  2. Change of personal particulars or nationality etc;
  3. Loss/ Damage of OCI registration certificate;
  4. Filling of wrong personal particulars while submitting online application viz. name, father’s name, date of birth etc.
  5. Change of address/ occupation of the OCI Cardholder.

3. Documents to be uploaded and submitted –

Following documents are to be submitted/ uploaded by all categories of applicants seeking re-issue of OCI Cards (Physical copy), besides the specific list of documents given below for specific category -

  1. One Photograph (51mmx51mm) or (50mm x 50mm) with light coloured background (square shape with 80% coverage by face). Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and may cause a delay in processing the application.
  2. For all Re-issue of OCI Cards, base papers/documents upon which the OCI Card/PIO Card was issued needs to be invariably submitted. Copy of Singapore NRIC, EP, DEP, LTSVP, S Pass or Student Pass is to be furnished along with the application.
  3. In case of issuance of new passport: A copy each of (i) present OCI Card, (ii) new passport (iii) Old Passport and (iv) U Visa Sticker copy ( if any). If the old passport is not returned while issuing new passport, then a letter from the concerned authorities confirming the same must be furnished.
  4. In case of loss of OCI Card : A copy each of (i) the Police Report (ii) copy of the lost OCI Card and U Visa copy (if any) , (iii) current passport copy. If Police report is in a foreign language, authorized translation is required.
  5. In case of change of personal particulars or nationality: Copy of the documents relevant for effecting the requisite changes. Sufficient proof for each requested services like change of name, change of address, occupation etc is to be furnished.

All the above documents are to be produced in original for verification and photocopies of the same are to be attached with the application. The grant or otherwise of the service(s) sought shall be ordinarily decided in 30 days from the receipt of hard copy of the application.

4. Kindly note that the High Commission will accept an application for grant of OCI status after satisfying itself on the adequacy and authenticity of supporting documentation provided. In certain cases, this is likely to take time as the documents may require verification from the issuing authorities in India. In these cases, the High Commission cannot prescribe the timeframe within which the OCI card will be issued. Applicants may check the Status of their application online.

5. Collection of OCI documents: On preparation of OCI document, applicant is required to be present in person with original receipts (cash receipt provided and acknowledgement received through courier both) along with his/her current (new) and all old foreign passports, and OCI Card for collection of the OCI documents. Applicants are advised to check status of their OCI applications at the OCI website – If status shows that OCI Card has been received in Singapore, applicants are advised to give 2 more working days, before proceeding to HCI for collection. No OCI document will be sent by Dak/ Post or Mail. OCI Cards will not be issued to applicants who are out of Singapore at the time of collection. Applicants may walk-in for collection of OCI documents on any working day between 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM and no appointment is required.

FOR Re-issue of OCI Cards and Updation of particulars online applicants have to fill an online application at the following link -

Regarding Fees, processing time and application centre:  click here