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Film Visa

Foreign nationals coming for shooting of feature film/ reality TV & Web Shows/ Series, Commercial TV Serials/ Shows and Web Shows/ Series in India are advised to apply for Film visa.

The proposals for film visa will be processed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoI&B), New Delhi.The proposals are accepted and processed by the Film Facilitation Office (FFO). The application is to be submitted online on The detailed step by step guide is available on the website.

For further assistance please write to [email protected].

After the shooting permission has been granted by the MoI&B, the cast and crew members of the approved project are required to apply for Film Visa by applying online at Submit the printout of the online application form and required documents at our authorised IVAC .Click here

Documents required for Film Visa

  • 1. A letter from Film production company/ organization mentioning the production schedule or the dates of shooting, particulars of the cast and crew coming to India for the purpose of the shoot/ production, chosen location, list of filming equipment (if any) that is being brought into the country and other relevant details that will help the competent authority to evaluate the merit of the case.This letter should be in the company letterhead and written in English.
  • 2. Permission / Clearance from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India for shooting of film in India.
  • 3. Print out of the online application form duly signed.
  • 4. One latest colour photograph with white background (size 2”x 2”)
  • 5. Original passport with validity of at least 6 months (Minimum 2 blank pages should be available to stamp the visa).
  • 6. Photocopy of passport bio-page and IC copy (NRIC, EP, S Pass or WP)


 Foreigners being given Film Visa should adhere to the norms and regulations of foreigner’s guidelines during their stay in the country and visit only the areas permitted for their visit. They should not visit any restricted/ protected area or prohibited place without prior permission of the competent authority. Monetary transaction for shooting of film should be done as per RBI guidelines. The film has to be shot according to the script, as approved by the Govt. of India. In case any material deviation is considered necessary, prior permission of the Govt of India has to be obtained.

The international cast and crew coming to India on a Film Visa for the film shoot shall be employed by the Foreign Company seeking permission to shoot the film in India and the said company shall take the responsibility for the cast and crew coming to India for filming. The foreigners coming on Film Visa will have to register himself/ herself with the FRRO/FRO concerned irrespective of the duration of the Film Visa/ stay of the foreigner in India.

Film visa for appropriate duration may be issued to a foreign national for location recce based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Visa application for recce should clearly declare the activities precisely.