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Application for Conversion from PIO to OCI Cards OCI Services

Application for Conversion from PIO to OCI Cards

FOR FRESH/ RE-ISSUE AND CONVERISON OF PIO TO OCI cards, applicants have to fill an online application at the following link :-

The PIO card scheme has been withdrawn.

Application for conversion of PIO to OCI is to be made online through the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs at Instructions therein may be perused carefully particularly with respect to supporting documents required so that there is no mistake in submission of application. Once application form has been filed online, copy of the printout of the same is required to be submitted at our Authorised Service Centres along with all supporting documents. Please note that submission for PIO to OCI registration is via appointment only. Please book appointment for submission at .All the documents given in our website for New Overseas Citizens of India Registration cards available at , needs to be submitted for conversion from PIO to OCI including the base papers/documents upon which the PIO Card was issued.


The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has specified that only machine-readable travel documents would be acceptable w.e.f. October 2018. Therefore, it is necessary upon PIO card holders to obtain machine readable OCI Cards in lieu of handwritten PIO Cards. However, Ministry of Home Affairs vide its O.M dated 30.12.2023, intimated that handwritten travel document/ PIO cards will be accepted as valid travel document.

The Bureau of Immigration (BoI) will accept PIO cards as valid travel document till 31.12.2024 along with valid foreign passport and the Indian Immigration Check Post(s) will continue to consider all PIO cards valid for exit/ entry into India till 31.12.2024. This extension of timeline is subject to the condition that if in the meantime any deadline is notified by the ICAO thereby making hand written PIO cards invalid, then PIO cardholders may have to obtain appropriate visa from Indian Missions/ Posts. However, PIO card holders are advised to get their PIO cards converted to OCI card as per extant guidelines.