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Renunciation of OCI Registration


1. A declaration of renunciation of Overseas Citizenship of India under Section 7C may be made in form XXXI, accompanied with the original certificate of registration of Overseas Citizen of India, to the concerned Indian Mission or Post which issued the said certificate of registration.

2. On receipt of the application, the issuing authority, after processing, shall issue an acknowledgement in Form XXXII and remove the name of the declarant from the register of Overseas Citizen of India. After the application is made, the applicant shall cease to be an Overseas Citizen of India, and OCI booklet will be cancelled.

3. Where a person ceases to be an Overseas Citizen of India under subsection (1), every minor child/ children of that person registered as an Overseas Citizen of India, shall thereupon cease to be an Overseas Citizen of India. Similarly, a spouse sponsored for OCI by the applicant, also needs to renounce his/ her OCI registration.

4. Procedure for the Renunciation of OCI Registration

Application for Renunciation of OCI Registration is to be made online through the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs at under the OCI Miscellaneous Services option. Applicants will then be required to Select the “Declaration of the Renunciation” service and commence registration. If applicant is married then select the appropriate column and fill in details of the spouse. If applicant has a minor child/children who is registered as OCI card holder (s), all particulars of the child/children will be required. Once Part A is complete, applicants will need to upload relevant documents and submit the form. The Renunciation of OCI Registration form will be generated. Applicants will then be required to get a printout and submit the duly signed Renunciation of OCI Registration form at our Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) Centre, along with copy and Original OCI Booklet, passport on which OCI Card was issued, current passport, and a letter/ self- declaration stating detailed reason for the surrender of the OCI. The old (if applicable) and current passports will be returned after sighting by the OSP. Please note that submission of the “Declaration of the Renunciation” form at OSP is via appointment only. Appointment for submission may be booked at

5. The fee for this service is SGD 38/ only and other applicable OSP charges.