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General Instructions Visa Services

General Instructions


  • Please note that all foreign nationals except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan (in limited circumstances) need a valid Visa to enter India by Air, Sea, or Land ports.Visa applications can be made only at our official website , followed by submission of printout of the application form, applicable fees and documents at IVAC (for Regular Paper Visa).


  • Please note that India does not recognise Dual Citizenship for its citizens (irrespective of age - major/minor). Indian nationals who have acquired foreign citizenship (by naturalisation) need to submit copy of their old and cancelled Indian Passport and Renunciation certificate of Indian citizenship while applying for any type of Indian Visa.


  • There is no facility for visas on arrival in India except for nationals of Japan, UAE and South Korea in limited circumstances and with conditions as applicable under the bilateral agreements. Foreign nationals are expected to obtain an e-visa or a regular visa before entering India by air, sea or land.


  • All Visa applicants will have to record their Biometrics at the time of submission of their regular visa applications and applicants needs to be present in person for submission of visa applications.


  • Applicant’s passport must have a minimum validity of six months and two blank pages at the time of submission of the visa application. All valid and old passports also need to be submitted alongwith the application form for Visa.


  • Visa to any foreign national may only be issued from the country of origin or from the country of domicile of the applicant. Non-Singapore nationals, who are casual visitors and not normally resident in Singapore should apply for an Indian visa in the country of their residence or country of origin.


  • The visa fee charged is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the applicant withdraws the application after submission or if the visa cannot be processed within the timeframe desired by applicants.


  • HCI, Singapore does not accept visa applications at its premises except from Diplomatic/Official and UNLP Passport holders. All Visa applications are accepted by our Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) at IVACs.


  • The processing time for Certain nationalities/ categories of Visa varies and takes longer than usual.


  • Foreigners are not permitted to carry Satellite Phones into India.


  • Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC): M/s BLS International is the only authorised agency for Indian Visa services.Please note that the Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) will charge a service fee (as per approved rates) for handling each visa application.


  • The IVAC staff is trained to answer your queries and provide information on Visa related issues. They are, however, not High Commission personnel. Please feel free to contact the High Commission at the given email for additional information or if you are not satisfied or convinced by the response provided by the staff at IVAC : Email: [email protected]; Website:


  • The validity of all visas commences from the date of issue of visa.


  • Applicant may carry the old or expired passport carrying valid Indian visa along with the new passport for travel to India, provided all the personal particulars remain same on the two passports and the visa. There is no transfer of valid Indian visa from old or expired passport to the new passport.


  • E-visa facility is not controlled or administered or facilitated by the High Commission of India. For e-visa related queries and issues please contact e-visa help desk at their e-mail IDs - [email protected] or [email protected] . High Commission of India, Singapore has no control over the processing of e-visa applications and accepts and processes only regular visa applications. E-Visa applications are dealt handled directly from MHA, New Delhi.


  • For further visa-related queries, contact our IVAC (BLS International) and kindly drop an email at: [email protected].  Alternatively, our IVAC (BLS International) can also be reached at +65 31635611 / +65 31632615 (Call centre number 09.00 am  - 6 pm Monday to Friday except listed holidays on the website) and +65 84020819 (After Office Hours).


For extreme emergency (death/medical emergency of immediate relativesonly, with relevant documents), after working hours and on public holiday, please WhatsApp at +65-91729803.