Death of an Indian National Passport & Consular

Death of an Indian National

In the unfortunate event of the death of an Indian national in Singapore, please follow the procedure outlined below:

Export of Mortal remains of a Deceased Indian national to India:

1. Lodge a report with the police.

2. Inform the next of kin (NOK) in India.

3. Take the body to the hospital and obtain a death certificate.

4. Contact the Casket Company for embalming the body.

5. Casket Company will liaise with High Commission with all originals and copies of the police report, death certificate, embalming certificate, sealing certificate, HSA letter, NEA letter (National Environmental Agency), medical certificates from hospital.

6. Indian passport and ID (PR/ EP/WP/ S PASS/DP and others) of the deceased.

7. Authorization letter from the company of the deceased person to the casket company to be submitted along with a copy.

8. Authorization /No objection letter from the next of kin (NOK) in India who is receiving the body of the deceased mentioning no objection of the casket company in charge to do all the procedures for the export of the body to India.

9. A copy of Indian passport and Aadhar card of the next of kin (NOK) to be submitted along the application.

10. The High Commission of India will attest the death certificate issued by the Singapore authorities, cancel the Indian passport and issues a letter of No Objection which will facilitate the mortal remains of the deceased to be repatriated to India. In case the body is unclaimed, the Singapore police will dispose it off after waiting for a week.

11. Contact any of the airlines flying to India to obtain the airline schedule and book the passage of the casket. Normally the casket is charged by weight by the airlines.

In case the deceased Indian national is cremated in Singapore:

1. Original Death certificate, Indian passport of the deceased, ID (PR, EP, SPASS, WP and others) along with copies.

2. Original cremation letter from National Environmental Agency (NEA) and a copy is required.

3. Authorization letter from the next of kin (NOK) in Singapore requesting for attestation of Death cert. and cancellation on Indian passport of the deceased

4. Original and a copy of passport and ID (PR, EP, SPASS, WP and others) of the next of kin (NOK) in Singapore.

5. Personal particulars form (click here) to be filled in by the next of kin (NOK) of the deceased.

6. The High Commission of India will attest the original death certificate and then cancel the Indian passport.