High Commission of India

Police clearance certificates (Singapore/foreign nationals) Passport & Consular

Police clearance certificates (Singapore/foreign nationals)

Police Clearance Certificate (Pcc) (Singaporean/foreign Nationals)


  1. 1. This is a document issued by the High Commission of India certifying a clear police record, as per available records pertaining to the applicant’s stay in India.
  2. 2. For applicants who previously held Indian Passports they are required to produce the following documents
    1. i. Original cancelled Indian Passport (if any).
    2. ii. Renunciation of Indian citizenship certificate
    3. iii. Naturalization certificate and current foreign passport with copies.
    4. iv. For applicants of non-Indian origin, furnish current and previously held passports bearing the Indian visas/ FRRO exit permit clearly indicating the period of stay in India for which PCC is being sought and copies of the same.
    5. v. For applicants applying for PCC for a spouse, Marriage Certificate has to be furnished.
    6. vi. Original and Copy of IC/EP/WP/SP card is required
    7. vii. One recent coloured passport-size photograph with white background.
    8. viii. Requisition letter from concerned Embassy for migration visa.
    9. ix. For applicants requiring PCC for employment visa, they are required to bring a letter of invitation or appointment letter.
    10. x. Processing time is 3 to 5 working days and subject to clearance. Fee payable is S$30 in cash only.
    11. xi. Marriage certificate original and a copy is necessary if applicant is applying for PCC on spouse basis.
    12. xii. Application form (click here) to be filled in by the applicants.