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Journalist Visa

ALL foreign journalists, regardless of the purpose of their visit, should apply for a "J" (journalist) visa, for up to three months' stay in India.

Journalists and media personnel travelling to India for professional/work related /tourism or for any other purpose except for employment in an Indian Media Organisation are advised to apply for Journalist visa.

OCI holders have to take special permission for any journalistic purposes / reporting by applying at the following site. OCI Card holders need to follow the procedure and approvals are sent on e-mails only.

Documents required for journalist visas:

  1. 1. Print out of the online application form duly signed.
  2. 2. One latest colour photograph with white background (size 2”x 2”).
  3. 3. Original passport with validity of at least 6 months (Minimum 2 blank pages should be available to stamp the visa).
  4. 4. Photocopy of passport bio-page and IC copy (NRIC, EP, S Pass or WP)

 If the applicant is going for professional reasons

  • . A letter from their organization describing clearly the job title of the applicant, the nature of their work and the purpose of their trip to India.
  • . An invitation letter from the Indian organization

If the applicant is going for personal reasons.

  • . An undertaking from their organization stating that the applicant is going for tourism and not for reporting nor will be involved in any journalistic activity.

For any additional assistance and enquiries, please contact:

Press, Information & Culture (PIC) section, HCI Singapore,
Phone: +65-62382516,
Fax: +65-67326909
Email: [email protected]

Documentary Film Making in India

Foreign journalists and media personnel proposing to shoot documentary films in India are advised to apply for Journalist visas.

Following set of documentation is required for processing a documentary filming application:

  1. 1. Application as available on Ministry's website
  2. 2. Undertaking as available on MEA website
  3. 3. Synopsis of the documentary
  4. 4. Complete list of locations with dates of shooting
  5. 5. Crew list
  6. 6. Equipment list mentioning name of the crew member carrying the equipment
  7. 7. Confirmed itinerary of the crew

These documents, duly filled in, are required to be sentby email to our PIC Section at their e-mail ID - [email protected]. Each of the documents particularly at Sl.No. v, vi & vii must be sent as a separate attachment at the above-mentioned e-mail.

The application would be processed and the applicant would be informed about clearance or otherwise through phone and / or e-mail by the PIC Section, which might take 2-3 weeks in certain cases:

  1. 1. Terms and conditions for filming in India will be communicated. A format of the terms and conditions available on MEA website mentioned above may be seen for information.
  2. 2. A Customs facilitation letter for import of filming equipment, if any, into India obtained through XP Division of the Ministry of External Affairs would be given by the High Commission which must be carried by the crew carrying the equipment, and
  3. 3. Applicant/crew would be advised to apply for Journalist visa. Applicant may note that it takes minimum 5 working days for non-Singaporean nationals to process their visa.

Where to apply: Authorised  Visa Application Centres

Visa fees: Click here