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FAQs on Visa Services

Frequently asked questions on Visa

1) Do I need a visa to go to India?

Yes, all foreigners, except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan (in limited circumstances) need a valid Visa to enter India by Air, Sea, or Land ports. Presently, All Visa applicants are required to follow Covid-19 protocol as declared by Ministry of Health and family Welfare, Government of India and respective state governments where one is travelling. Please ensure that you are updated on these protocols.  

2) Can I get a visa on arrival to enter India?

No. There is no facility for visas on arrival in India except for nationals of Japan, UAE and South Korea in limited circumstances and with conditions as applicable under the bilateral agreements. Foreign nationals are expected to obtain an e-visa or a regular  visa.

3) Does India have Electronic Visa (E-Visa) facility?

Yes. E-visa facility is available for the purposes of Tourism, Business, Conference and Medical treatment to nationals of certain countries. For more details including the complete list of countries whose citizens are eligible for E-visa, visit the link  

4) I have applied for e-visa and want to get it early as I have a family emergency. Can you process the visa urgently?

E-visa facility is not controlled or administered or facilitated by the High Commission of India. For e-visa related queries and issues please contact e-visa help desk at their e-mail IDs - or  . High Commission of India, Singapore has no control over the processing of e-visa applications and accepts and processes only regular visa applications. E-Visa applications are dealt handled directly from MHA, New Delhi.

 5) I have a valid Indian visa in my old passport, and now my passport is changed. Can I transfer my visa from my old passport to new passport?

There is no provision for transfer of valid Indian visa from old or expired passport to the new passport. However, applicant may carry the old or expired passport carrying valid Indian visa alongwith the new passport for travel to India, provided all the personal particulars remain same on the two passports and the visa.

6) How to apply for a Regular Paper visa to India?

Visa applicants may apply online for a Regular visa (relevant category) at  and thereafter, a printout of the application form may be submitted in person at any of the BLS International centres on any working day (09:00 AM to 01:00 PM) without appointment,  along with requisite documents as given in our website 

After filling up the form, Applicants are required to take a printout of the duly filled up online form and submit the signed copy in person at the authorized Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) M/s BLS International Services S Pte Ltd, along with requisite documents. Application is to be submitted along with a recent passport-size color photograph (size 2" x 2", white background) not more than 6 months old and the applicable visa fee in cash. All visa applications should be accompanied by the original Passport, with validity of more than six months, a copy of the personal particulars page of the passport and a copy of the IC copy (NRIC/FIN, Re-entry permit, EP, S Pass, or Work Permit). Minimum two visa blank pages should be available to stamp the visa. Beside above, additional documents as per category of Visa applied should be submitted (please refer to our website).   

NOTE: Kindly provide your latest and complete contact details on the visa form. Suppression of facts and false/incomplete/inaccurate information will not only result in delay/denial of the visa but may also debar the applicant from getting any future Visa in the future. Visa application may be accepted, modified, or refused by the High Commission of India and its decision in the matter shall be final. The High Commission reserves the right to withhold any application submitted for an in-depth examination and may ask for additional documents. Personal interviews by the Visa Officer with applicants may be required in some cases. Applicants are advised not to book tickets before getting Visa, and merely booking tickets will not be considered for early issuance or fast-tracking the Visa process.

7) How do I fill up the online form for a regular/paper Visa? Please tell the steps.

While filling the Regular Visa application form application, all applicants are requested to visit the website  for applying regular/ paper visas online and follow the steps given below 

a) Open the website and click on the Online Visa Application Registration button given below.

b) A separate window opens and a Temporary Application ID is provided. You need to fill up all the details online and continue to the subsequent pages till you finish. 

c) On the last page please upload your recent photo. For details of photo, click on the Photo Requirement button on the left side the home page.

d) The application form completed in all respects and submitted successfully online, may be printed and thereafter the hard copy of the application form may be submitted in person at any of the M/s BLS International centres on any working day (between 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM) without appointment, alongwith requisite documents as given in our website

8) Can you help me with location of Indian Visa Application Centre/ Ms BLS International to submit the Visa application form?

M/s BLS International Services S Pte Ltd is currently the only authorized Outsourced Service Provider for all Consular/ Passport/OCI and Visa Services for HCI Singapore. For all Visa related queries/ questions you may contact M/s BLS International directly at their customer care number +65-31635611 and +65-31632615 in normal working hours and +65-84020819, for any emergency, after office hours. You may also contact them at their e-mail : Their application Centres are located at two places in Singapore  –

a)Anson Road

BLS International Services S Pte Ltd

Unit 30 - 08, International Plaza

10 Anson Road

Singapore, 079903

b)Little India

BLS International Services S Pte Ltd

Unit 14 - 02/04/05

Sim Lim Tower

10 Jalan Basar

Singapore, 208787

9) How do I retrieve the visa application form if I have not completed it?

At the start and on each subsequent page of the online form, a unique temporary ID is generated at the top of the page.  This number must be correctly noted for you to be able to retrieve your application before it is printed.

10) What is the processing time for a Visa application at HCI Singapore?

Normally Visa is issued within 3-5 working days after submission. Applications of certain nationalities and categories need to be referred to Delhi or to our missions abroad, and we are required to await the response/ clearances. Such case takes a bit longer for which no fixed timeframe can be given. Submission of incomplete documents also delays the visa process. Please be advised that Visa is subject to approval. Applicants should not purchase air tickets before obtaining the visa. The High Commission of India cannot be held responsible for applications which are not finalized in time for your intended date of departure.

11) I want to visit India for sight seeing and tourism. What visa should I apply? What is the procedure?

You may apply for a regular tourist visa. Please note that tourist visa is neither extendable nor can be used for other purposes including any type of work/employment/contract/ business in India. The applicant may apply online for a Regular Tourist Visa at and thereafter, a print-out of the application form may be submitted in person at any of the BLS International centres on any working day (09:00 AM to 01:00 PM) without appointment  alongwith requisite documents as given in our website .

12) Can I get medical treatment or do a short time job or attend a business meeting on a tourist visa in India?

A tourist visa is strictly meant for recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives. Please note that tourist visa is neither extendable nor can be used for other purposes including any type of work/employment/contract/ business in India. An employment visa should be applied for taking up any job in India and a business visa should be applied for any business meetings in India. Similarly, a medical visa should be obtained, for purposes of treatment.  

13) What is the difference between Tourist Visa and Entry Visa?

A person of Indian origin, who does not possess an OCI card, and also the spouse, and children of such person are eligible for Entry Visa and must apply for Entry Visa instead of Tourist Visa. An Entry Visa has far fewer restrictions than Tourist Visa. Entry visas are extendable in India through FRROs, whereas Tourist Visas are non-extendable.

14)  How to check visa validity? When will my visa be valid from?

The visa validity is printed on the visa. The period of validity of regular visa is calculated from the date of issue and not from the date of travel. Visas are not issued with a future date to match the applicant’s itinerary.

15) I am an Indian origin person/ Spouse of Indian Passport/ OCI card holder and want to apply for a longer duration of Visa. What visa should I apply?

The applicant may apply online for an Entry Visa at . The document required for Entry Visa includes old cancelled Indian Passport copy, Indian Passport renunciation certificate (If applying based upon Indian Origin category), Spouse’s Indian Passport or OCI card copy, birth and/or marriage certificate alongwith a letter from the Indian/ Indian origin spouse, the present Passport copy, Singapore NRIC/FIN Card or/and the other documents supporting the application for an Entry Visa.  

16) I want to go to India for Business purposes or Business meetings. What visa should I apply?

You can apply online for a Regular Business Visa at along with requisite documents as given in our website  Primary Documents required for Business Visa to be submitted alongwith hard copy are :

a) Invitation letter from the relevant Indian company and recommendation letter from the Singapore Company are mandatory.

b) Certificate of Incorporation of the Indian company and ACRA details of the Singapore company, if applicable. Any other relevant business documents which are essential to support your reason for requesting Business visa may be also be asked by the Consular Officer and the applicant has to provide the same.

c) One colour photograph in white background (size 2” x 2”) and copy and original of Passport and ICA ID copy.

d) For non-Singaporean nationals, a minimum stay of 02 years in Singapore is required before you can apply for Business visa at HCI Singapore. Applicants have to submit relevant documents to prove the period of stay.

17) How to apply for a student visa?

Student visas are issued for the duration of the course for those foreign national students who want to pursue regular academic courses in India in any recognized institution. Duly signed applications are to be submitted along with a Letter of admission from a recognized Indian educational institution with duration of the course, Letter of recommendation for issuance of Student Visa to the foreign national students, Proof of Payment of school/college Fees, and one recent passport size photograph. Visa officer may ask for additional documents, if required, depending on the specific circumstances of the applicant.

18) How to apply for an Employment visa?

Visa Application Form for a regular Employment Visa should be filled out and signed by the applicant. Non-Singapore national applicants must be working in Singapore for more than 2 years to apply for an Employment Visa in HCI Singapore. Documentary evidence for the same has to be produced along with the application (Previous IC Copies/ Employment letter from current employer for more than 2 years/ experience letter from the previous employer stating the duration of work etc). Additionally, Employment Visa applicants are required to submit the following documents, as applicable :

i) Applicants are required to submit proof of contract/employment/engagement signed by both parties (i.e. employee and employer). Income must be more than INR 16.25 Lakhs (INR 1.625 million) per annum except for the exempted category. It is to be noted that salary should be mentioned clearly in INR also in the contract.

ii) Company Letter from India should mention Name, designation, Job title, Place of posting, and Duration.

iii) Company Letter from Singapore should mention Name, designation, Job title, Place of posting, and Duration.

iv) Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate given by the Government of India to the Indian Company)

v) Previous FRRO registration, if seeking renewal of Visa.

vi) Highest educational certificate.

vii) Experience Certificate.

viii) Resume/CV of the applicant.

ix) Visa applicants are advised to submit their previous cancelled passport along with existing valid passport while processing the visa application

 19) I have to participate in a Conference / Seminar / Workshop in India. Which visa should I apply for?

You should apply for a Conference Visa along with an invitation letter from event organizers and requisite clearances from competent authorities for holding the event including Political Clearance from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (Mandatory) and event clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (if applicable).

20) Do I need a Transit Visa for changing flights/ airports in India to travel to my final destination?

 Transit Visa for India is NOT required if you are not leaving the flight or the designated transit area of Indian airports, where it does not involve crossing the Indian Immigration. Transit Visa is needed if you are required to cross the Indian immigration or going to leave the designated transit area of the airport or going from the international to domestic terminal of any Indian airport or if you are having a short stay in India for up to 72 hours en-route to another foreign destination. You should have a confirmed air ticket for the onward journey before applying for Transit Visa.

21) I am going to participate in a sports event (such as IPL, ISL, IBL etc) in India. Which visa should I apply?

All sportspersons, Sports officials, Coaches and trainers going to India for participation in commercial/ non-commercial sporting events accompanying the players need to apply for Business (B-3, Sports) visa. The online application form for a regular paper visa at may be filled and thereafter, applicants need to submit their application at BLS International centre, alongwith a copy of the clearance for the event/ applicant participation granted by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Sports department), Ministry of Home Affairs and Political Clearance by MEA, if applicable. Additionally, the applicant needs to submit the invitation letter issued to the foreign sports team and sports persons to visit India by the concerned Sports Federation/ Association in India, recommendation letter for Visa from local sports body/ organization alongwith other relevant documents.  

Foreign nationals who are taken on contract to play in commercial sports events in India like IPL, ISL, IBL etc with remuneration may also apply for multiple entry, Business (B-3 Sports) Visa. Such foreign nationals shall also be required to comply with all the statutory obligations like payment of taxes.

22) I have to go to India for Internship with Educational Institution/NGO/ Business  House. Which visa should I apply?

You may apply for a Student Visa (S-6) along with a copy of a letter from the Indian company / educational institution / NGO, clearly indicating the period of internship. Interns sponsored by AIESEC for social or community work in NGOs and for project-based work in companies may also apply for Intern Visa.

 23) I intend to travel not immediately, but at a much later date. Can my visa be issued to coincide with the date of my travel?

No. There is no system of issuing post-dated Visas and the validity of regular visas starts from the date of issue and not from the date of your proposed Entry/actual entry into India.

 24) I had applied for an Indian visa but I have changed my mind. Can I claim a refund of the visa fee?

Visa fees are non-refundable. Once the visa application is accepted, the visa processing fee cannot be refunded/ reclaimed even if the visa is refused/ not granted or in case the application is withdrawn by the applicant.

25) I have to travel to India in an emergency. Is there any extra charge for the urgent processing of visa applications?

The Emergency Visa service is only for passport holders of Indian origin and their family members required to visit India due to a genuine family emergency, such as critical illness or humanitarian emergencies like death/ major accidents of immediate family members. Documentary evidence will need to be provided and the applicant will be charged an emergency service fee, if applicable. In such cases, applicants may approach M/s BLS International with Visa application for an Entry Visa.   

26) How do I withdraw my application and will I get a refund?

If you wish to withdraw your application you are required to visit our Out Sourced Service Provider M/s BLS International and submit your written application/ request stating the reason for withdrawal. HCI will consider your request and it may take 1-2 working days.  As per our policy, visa fees are not refundable.

27) What activities are permissible on a ‘Tourist’ Visa?

A tourist visa is meant strictly for recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives. Please note that tourist visa is neither extendable nor can be used for other purposes including any type of work/employment/contract/ business in India. No other activity is permissible on a Tourist Visa.

28) Can a person holding Tourist Visa indulge in Business activities?

No. If a person is holding a ‘Tourist’ Visa and is found to be involved in any other activities including Business, action will be taken against him/her for violations of Visa rules and he/she may be deported and/or refused further entry into India.

29) What are the regulations to apply for Indian Visa for applicants holding Dual Nationality or Dual Passport holders?

We expect applicants holding dual nationality or dual passport holders, to use one nations passport only for travel to India. This would smoothen your immigration procedures while arriving/departing from India. Applicants are also required to declare their dual passport at relevant column in the Visa application form and both passports need to be submitted for visa processing. Applicants holding Pakistani Passport and Passport of any other country are requested to apply for visa on their Pakistan Passport only and both passports need to be submitted. Visa will be issued on the Pakistan passport only, for such cases.

30) I went to M/s BLS International centre with all documents but I faced problem in submission and could not submit the Visa application. Whom should I contact?

For all Visa services you may write to our HCI Visa Team at or  with scanned copies of all relevant supporting documents, passport and personal details. As a policy, we deal directly with the applicants and do not entertain any third party/ travel agents/ travel assistants.

31) I am a Diplomatic /Official/ UNLP Passport holder and want to visit India for official meetings/ duties. Whom and where should we approach for submission of visa application?

Visa applications of all Diplomatic/ Official/ UNLP Passport holders seeking Diplomatic/Official/UN Visas, for official trip/ meetings to India are accepted at HCI office (31 Grange Road, Singapore-239702). Applicants may seek appointment for submission or send their queries, if any, to . Visa applications of all Diplomatic/ Official/ UNLP Passport holders are accepted in person by us on all working days between 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM.