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Police Clearance Certificates (for Indian nationals)

Police Clearance Certificates (for Indian nationals)

Standard Documents for all Passport Related Services:

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate: Following documents are required to be submitted along with the PCC application form, which can be registered online via the following link A print-out of the registered application form, along with one recent coloured photograph with white back ground, size (51mm x 51mm) and taken within the last 6 months, duly signed in the appropriate column, a copy of the existing Indian Passport, valid residential status proof (NRIC/EP/SP/DP/WP) in Singapore (along with validity page), are required to be submitted, with the originals produced for verification, if asked for.  

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Photograph Requirements

Photograph Guidance for Applicants (pdf) 

Police Clearance Certificates (for Indian nationals)

Application for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) should be submitted in person at any one of the Passport Application Centres authorized by the High Commission (Managed by M/s. BLS International).

This document is issued to Indian nationals who apply for a PCC at the High Commission, certifying their conduct as per available police records for the period pertaining to the applicant's stay in India. For Police Clearance Certificate for Indian nationals, the application form can be registered online via this link  and a print-out should be submitted along with the following documents.

 Documents required: 

  • Print-out of the online registered Police Clearance Certificate Application form
  • Passport size colour photograph.
  • Original passport and Singapore NRIC/EP/WP/SP card, along with the validity page.

PCC could take several weeks, as it can only be issued after receipt of fresh police verification on the PCC application. This will apply to all categories of applicants. Applicants may be advised to apply well ahead of time, as issue of PCCs would only be done after due Police Verification. The average timeline for issuance of a PCC is about 30-40 days (estimated), subject to the receipt of police clearance from India.

Note : Further, if an Applicant, while applying for the PCC is providing details which are different from details available in the passport currently held by him/her, he/she has to first apply for re-issue of the passport with the changed particulars. Only after re-issue of passport with the changed/existing particulars, can a PCC application be submitted.