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Name Street Name Street No Building Apartment Formatted Address City ZIP Phone Fax E-mail Web Business Description (all lines) Trade Names Employees Year Established Registration Number Legal Form
2K Builder Bukit Batok Street 23 50 Midview Building #05-26/27 Midview Building, 50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #05-26/27 Singapore 659578 +65-63584333 +65-63584330 [email protected] 2K Builder (Pte) Ltd, set up in 1984, has been in construction industry for the last 26 years. Throughout the years of operation it has been awarded and completed many projects in the,; 1. Infrastructural Works; 2. Sewer Works and Drainage Works; 3. Earth Works; 4. Reinforce Concrete Works 1984 198400907Z Pte Ltd
2K International Bukit Batok Street 23 50 Midview Building #05-26/27 Midview Building, 50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #05-26/27 Singapore 659578 +65-63584333 +65-63584330 [email protected] We specialise in General Building & Civil Engineering Works. 200415190C Pte Ltd
2M Technologies Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 32 Sing Industrial Complex #04-18 Sing Industrial Complex, 32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #04-18 Singapore 569510 +65-64831691 +65-64831692 [email protected] 2M Technologies Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of Test and Measurement Equipments under the Measurement and Metrology Group in Philippines. 8 199700521W Pte Ltd
2MS Consultancy Bukit Merah Central 165 #04-3665 165 Bukit Merah Central #04-3665 Singapore 150165 +65-62872411 +65-62737950 [email protected] 2MS was formed in June 1999 to service the niche between the Big 5 international audit firms and the smaller local ones. Our mission is to help our clients "enhance value through innovative business solutions". As such, we implement integrated accounting and IT solutions in order to help improve productivity and cut costs, especially important during times of economic slowdown.; We have 9 experienced partners and associates, many with experience in the Big 5 international audit firms. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we are able to successfully address a diverse spectrum of financial issues. Our clients cover a wide range of industries and services and vary in size from private individuals to multinational companies. 9 2000 200007673C Pte Ltd
2UE Engineering Eunos Ave 3 113 Gordon Ind Bldg #07-09 Gordon Ind Bldg, 113 Eunos Ave 3 #07-09 Singapore 409838 +65-68442586 [email protected] Provide Fire Protection Service. 200004855W Pte Ltd
3 Ace Service And Trading Bukit Merah Lane 1 123 #04-84 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #04-84 Singapore 150123 +65-90215788 +65-67795683 [email protected] We specialise in Plumbing & Sanitary Works. 53095354D
3 D Trading Bencoolen Street 180 The Bencoolen #01-95 The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street #01-95 Singapore 189646 +65-63378202 +65-63365110 Import, Export & Wholesale Watches, LCD Watches, Clocks, Watch Bands, Straps, Watch Battery, Pen etc. 5 198602596E Pte Ltd
3 Star Tech Engineering Woodlands Industrial Park E5 190 #09-04 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #09-04 Singapore 757516 +65-62804967 +65-67555294 [email protected] 3 Star Tech Engineering Pte Ltd was founded in 2008 and is specializes in providing total Services & Installation and facility management, preventive maintenance and mechanical , Plumbing equipment services. 200812570Z Pte Ltd
3181 Employment Agency Bedok Reservior Road 770 Waterfront Key #12-07 Waterfront Key, 770 Bedok Reservior Road #12-07 Singapore 479250 +65-62993181 +65-62410357 [email protected] Employment agencies 3 52842412B
32 Engineering Pandan Loop 196 Pantech Industrial Hub #06-29 Pantech Industrial Hub, 196 Pandan Loop #06-29 Singapore 128384 +65-67777647 +65-67758853 [email protected] We specialise in Electrical Engineering Works. 200803838W Pte Ltd